Passive House Days

Two Passive Houses in the Fredericton area will open their doors to the public for International Passive House Day

International Passive House Days

 Strynatka & Naugler families participate in Passive House Days event November 14th.

FREDERICTON AREA. In the Strynatka and Naugler family homes, extreme energy efficiency is not a possibility but a fact: in their Passive House, they consume just around 10 percent of what conventional homes and buildings need for heating and cooling. At the same time, the house offers a high level of comfort, both in terms of air quality and even temperatures. On November 14th, New Brunswickers will be able to see and experience for themselves how this is possible – when the Strynatka & Naugler families in, Penniac & Douglas, take part in the International Passive House Day – with an open house from 11am to 3pm.

Passive House Day in the Fredericton area – November 14th from 11 am to 3 pm:

Since the very first Passive House Days event in 2004, tens of thousands of people around the world have taken the opportunity to visit a Passive House building. Although the Naugler family is participating for the first time they have already welcomed many into their Passive House. “Over 500 people have already been through our home.  We would like to extend an invitation to anyone else that is interested in, or curious about Passive House,” says Win Naugler.

The Strynatka Passive House in Penniac NB
The Strynatka Passive House in Penniac NB.
International Passive House Database ID# 4638
Photo: Teo Strynatka


Teo & Ryan Strynatka have only been living in their new Passive House for several months but they are still keen to let others know how happy they are about Passive House. “Choosing Passive House construction over conventional wasn’t a hard choice,” says Ryan Strynatka. “It became clear to us that it would prove to be a healthier, more energy-efficient and cost effective way to live.”

“We look forward to sharing our Passive House experience, and are excited about the opportunity to raise awareness about Passive Housing as a viable option in the community,” says Teo Strynatka. Most questions that people have about Passive House can be quickly answered face to face, and misconceptions can also be corrected.

Passive House isn’t only an active contribution to climate protection and the “energy transition”; it is also a very attractive investment opportunity for building owners and users. Extra capital investment during the construction phase is compensated by the heating and cooling costs saved within just a few years. In addition to energy savings, living comfort is noticeably improved with optimal indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures. The mechanical systems are flexible and easy to operate – as visitors will be able to see for themselves by visiting on November 14th.

Naugler House
The Naugler Passive House in Douglas NB
International Passive House Database ID# 2852
Photo: Win Naugler


The comfortable 1,900 square foot Passive House belonging to the Win & Janis Naugler was built in 2012. “We decided to build a Passive House because it is the most energy efficient, proven building standard in the world,” says Win Naugler.

“We were tired of high heating bills and still being cold in the winter. Passive House solved that problem beyond our expectations,” says Janis Naugler.

“For the last three years our average monthly heating bill has been less than $10 per month,” says Win, “and last year’s extremely cold winter added just $2 to our monthly bill.” According to NB Power’s equalized billing calculator a typical New Brunswick bungalow, similar in size to the Naugler House, will cost $157 per month to heat and a newer house $136 per month.

The Passive House Days event is organised by iPHA, the International Passive House Association, established by the Passive House Institute, and other local partners around the world. An overview of all projects participating in this event can be found online on the Passive House Database at, with additional projects visible on More information about local Fredericton area Passive House projects can also be found at or

International Passive House Days

International Passive House Days

In the Fredericton area Passive Houses are open November 14th from 11am – 3pm.


For information about the Passive Houses located in the Fredericton Area: 
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Tim Naugler | Passive House Builder | (506) 440-2608 |
Garth Hood | Certified Passive House Consultant | (506) 457-9581 |

For general Passive House related enquiries:
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