New Brunswick Home Requires No Heating During January Cold Spell

January 31th, 2013 – Fredericton, NB, Canada – The most energy efficient home in New Brunswick proves itself by keeping the home over 18ºC during a week of near record breaking low temperatures; all with no money spent on heating the structure.  The strategic design and construction of the house, based on European construction principles, makes it all possible.

The home of environmentally conscious Win and Janis Naugler, with stunning views of the Saint John River Valley, is the first of its kind in New Brunswick. It employs passive solar techniques to capture the sun’s heat and keeps it locked inside during the winter months. The result is a quality New Brunswick house that can be heated in the winter & cooled in the summer for less than $10 a month.

Tim Naugler, Owner of Southern Exposure Construction Inc., is pushing the boundaries of home construction to demonstrate how energy efficient homes are not just more cost-effective, but also more comfortable, “Our goal is to create affordable homes that are durable, healthy, quiet and enjoyable to live in.“

In lieu of more expensive mechanical systems that are susceptible to breakdown, the home is wrapped in a thick blanket of insulation, and uses windows to capture the free heat from the sun.  In addition, advanced heat recovery ventilation ensures excellent indoor air quality. The result is a living space using 90% less heating energy than a standard home.  With over 40,000 units built worldwide Passive House is the world’s most rigorous, verified and advanced building performance standard.

Garth Hood from Thoughtful Dwellings is a key partner who worked with Naugler to design the energy efficient home.  Garth said, “This approach provides excellent value with a focus on quality of life – health, comfort, quality and energy security.  Imagine never having to worry about expensive energy bills, not to mention frozen pipes, even if the power goes out for weeks in the coldest weather.”

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