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Naugler House heating costs are now documented and 2013 data is presented here.  So far the highest daily cost is $2.30!  Check out the spreadsheet below for 2013 daily data.


  • 2012-2013 Full Season House Heating Costs comes in below PHPP estimate at  720 kWh – Annual Heating Cost = $71.
  • One full week of very cold days now with ZERO heating at the Naugler House!  How many days can a Passive House in January, in Fredericton, go without added heat?
  • January 23rd was even colder than the 22nd yet Naugler House again consumed ZERO kilowatt-hours of electricity for heating – ZERO dollars for heating!
  • January 22nd was, to date, Fredericton’s coldest day for 2013 yet the Naugler House used ZERO kilowatt-hours of electricity to heat – ZERO dollars to heat!  Go Passive House, Go!


  1. Weather data is from Environment Canada – weather station YFC – Fredericton Int’l Airport.
  2. Interior temperatures and kWh readings are logged daily by the home owner. Data is updated weekly – more often when possible (often daily).
  3. Energy prices are calculated using the current NB Power residential rates.  Current rates are 9.85 ¢/kWh with a monthly service charge of $21.63.  Electricity in New Brunswick has an additional Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) rate of 13% added on all billed charges.  HST and the service charge are shown in the Monthly Costs tab totals but neither are incorporated into daily totals (to simplify calculations).
  4. NB Power meter readings are taken on the 15th of each month (+-2 days).  For example, the January bill is for the period from December 16th – January 15th.   Data on the Monthly Costs sheet is adjusted to reflect the billing period and not the calender month.
  5. Heating degree-days (HDD) are used primarily to estimate the heating requirements of buildings.  A larger value means colder conditions so generally more heat is needed.  HDDs consider only temperature and not solar radiation.  In the Naugler House you will notice that on  colder clear days – with lots of free solar heat – the heating load is very small.  On warmer cloudy days more electricity will be needed to keep the house at room temperature. When the mean temperature is above 18°C (65°F) no heating will be needed so the HDD value will be zero. This Climate of Fredericton  page has a chart that gives average monthly Sunlight Hours as well Wind Speeds, which are both factors in Passive House energy consumption.