Many products we use in our everyday lives release toxins into the air we breath or into our skin when we touch them. Although it is virtually impossible to eliminate all substances with toxins from a house they can be significantly reduced through careful choices.

Many products are available in low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) versions. For example low VOC has become the norm in recent years. Almost every manufacturer offers a low VOC paint as part of their product line. Some companies don’t even offer anything that isn’t considered low VOC.

It is important to reduce the amount and number of toxins we store within our home. It is best to store any substance that can freeze and you must keep outside of your house. If substances must be store in your house make sure they are well sealed and that the storage space is well ventilated.

Another source of toxins is from an attached garage. If possible avoid an attached garage on your house. An alternative is having a garage near the house and having a covered breezeway to get to the house. Carbon monoxide from car exhaust is a deadly toxin in relatively small amounts. Leaking gasoline and other fluids can also create toxic vapours when they evaporate off a garage floor or off a warm engine.